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WWE on Muchnick’s CHRIS & NANCY — The Twitter Daily Dozen for October 15

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PARTS 181 – 192

WWE on Muchnick’s ‘CHRIS & NANCY’ Pt. 181 of Mr. Snuka’s girlfriend is yet another example of your willingness to print any unsubstantiated

WWE on Muchnick’s ‘CHRIS & NANCY’ Pt. 182 garbage consistent with the portrayal you seek to make of Mr. McMahon. Standing alone, it is

WWE on Muchnick’s ‘CHRIS & NANCY’ Pt. 183 offensive. When coupled with the statement on your website about the Fayette County authorities

WWE on Muchnick’s ‘CHRIS & NANCY’ Pt. 184 being supposedly “played like a cello by WWE”,, followed by statements that Mr. McMahon pulled

WWE on Muchnick’s ‘CHRIS & NANCY’ Pt. 185 an all nighter to keep Snuka from being charged, you are clearly implying that Mr. McMahon

WWE on Muchnick’s ‘CHRIS & NANCY’ Pt. 186 in some unspecified way manipulated authorities in two criminal investigations. That is false

WWE on Muchnick’s ‘CHRIS & NANCY’ Pt. 187 Third, you may be correct that you are not the only so-called journalist to have, as you put it,

WWE on Muchnick’s ‘CHRIS & NANCY’ Pt. 188 “raised questions about how promptly WWE acted on the information given to it by the Albany

WWE on Muchnick’s ‘CHRIS & NANCY’ Pt. 189 district attorney’. Like you, none of those who do so bother to do the basic fact checking

WWE on Muchnick’s ‘CHRIS & NANCY’ Pt. 190 emblematic of a real journalist. You never asked WWE to provide the date the District Attorney

WWE on Muchnick’s ‘CHRIS & NANCY’ Pt. 191 made information available to it, and you certainly never asked the District Attorney when they

WWE on Muchnick’s ‘CHRIS & NANCY’ Pt. 192 did so. Had you done so, you would have learned that WWE acted within a day of being provided

Here’s My Captain Lou Albano Anecdote

In 1985 an attention-starved New York state senator held a hearing on banning pro wrestling. I criticized the ignorance of the senator, whose name was Abraham Bernstein, and I testified with my line on the need for toothful regulation of this industry.

I also persuaded Bill Geist of The New York Times to write a humorous column about the sideshow. The piece was later collected in Geist’s book City Slickers.

Geist called the then-World Wrestling Federation and got a phone interview with its greatest manager and moutpiece of that era, Captain Lou Albano (who died yesterday at 76).

Albano told Geist that he didn’t attend Senator Bernstein’s hearing because “some of these politicians have brains the size of dehydrated peas.” (I think Geist got it wrong: Albano used to say that Jimmy Snuka “had a brain the size of a dehydrated beebies,” and added, “If you put Jimmy Snuka’s brain in a parakeet, the parakeet would fly backwards.”)

Lou also said he was well aware of the state senate bill. “I keep abreast of the issues,” he said. “My favorite TV show is ‘Face the Nation.'”

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