Obama Came and Went; Linda McMahon Will Sink Only With Death News and Negative TV Ads

No, I didn’t really expect President Obama, at last night’s fat-cat fundraiser in Fairfield County, to say the things I recommended in “What President Obama Should Say When He’s in Connecticut,” https://wrestlingbabylon.wordpress.com/2010/09/14/what-president-obama-should-say-when-he%E2%80%99s-in-connecticut/.

The president said pretty much what he, or any president, always does,and in the process pulled in some big bucks for the Democratic Party from the usual suspects. His presence in the Nutmeg State had no substantial impact, positive or negative, on the Senate race. None.

Wrestling fan/journalist Keith Harris (who is British, which means that his comments have even more critical distance than mine), expressed annoyance at Obama for resorting “to the same tired wrestling puns that we’ve seen far too frequently in this race already. I’m not sure they help, it makes the Democrats seem aloof and arrogant, like they’re still not really taking Linda McMahon seriously, despite her closing the gap in the polls to within six points.”

In the next 46 days there will be more stories about McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment death mill, and there will be some amount of TV advertising by the Richard Blumenthal campaign focused on his opponent’s astronomical negatives. We’ll find out on the night of the first Tuesday in November whether that will be enough to head her off.

In the Three Stooges, Moe once asked Curly for the time, and Curly pulled out three watches. He explained that one ran 20 minutes fast every three hours, one ran five minutes slow every six hours, and one was broken — it stopped at two o’clock. To ascertain the correct time, you had to take the time of the one in the middle, divide it by the time of the one on the left, and subtract the time of the one on the right. “So what’s the time?” Moe asked. Curly pulled out a fourth watch, which was working perfectly. “Four-fifteen,” Curly said. And, of course, Moe broke the watch over Curly’s head.

The patented Muchnick Consensus Get A Life Tracker Of The Average Poll of Quinnipiac Professors Divided By Overpaid Political Consultants Times The Change In The S&P 500 has officially moved Blumenthal-McMahon from “leaning toss-up” to “toss-up leaning.”

Irv Muchnick


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