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Linda McMahon on the Pain and Humiliation of Licking S&H Green Stamps

Linda McMahon clearly doesn’t intend to shut up about her bankruptcy. That’s because not getting called out on her ridiculous account to Lloyd Grove, the stenographer for The Daily Beast, is integral to her efforts to reverse a gender gap among Connecticut voters that, at the moment, skews against her.

The McMahon campaign has countered the Democrats’ MOM (Mothers Against McMahon) with its own artificial army, Mothers for Linda. On the web page, we get the safest and least objectionable corrective of the Daily Beast claim that McMahon was on government-assistance food stamps after getting married at 17 and “soon” becoming pregnant:

“Linda understands the difficult times many families face in this economy. She’s been there, too, confronting bankruptcy while pregnant with her second child and even needing to lick S&H Green Stamps to pay for baby formula.”

The wording here has stopped trying to confuse Gaithersburg, Maryland, in 1970 with New Britain, Connecticut, in 1976. (At the first point in the chronology, Linda’s husband Vince was working at a rock quarry. But the bankruptcy filing came at the second point, when Vince was a television announcer and full-time employee for his very successful wrestling promoter father, Vincent James McMahon, and was taking a financial bath on his own promotion of national closed circuit telecasts of the Evel Knievel Snake River Canyon Jump.)

I don’t know why the McMahon campaign now associates S&H Green Stamps only with the purchase of son Shane’s baby formula. What happened to the high chair?

Irv Muchnick


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