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Blumenthal’s ‘Counter-Judy’ Campaign Commercial

I begin by apologizing for my suggestion long ago that Mothers Opposing McMahon might not be a Democratic Party front. It is, of course, and I spank myself publicly for  falling for the insistence of a couple of sources, who wouldn’t let me name them, that it wasn’t. Most readers probably don’t keep track of such blogosphere effluvia. But I try to stay accountable.

Anyway … “MOM” — that ham-handed front group for Richard Blumenthal, who is allowing surrogates to do all of his counterattacks on Linda McMahon (and I am not one of those surrogates) — has produced what Daniela Altimari, in the Capitol Watch blog of the Hartford Courant, calls “a parody of sorts of Linda McMahon’s recent ad featuring her BFF, Judy Moorberg.”

See “The Truth Behind ‘Judy’,”

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Will Connecticut Media Be a Day Late and a Dollar Short on Tall Tale of Linda McMahon’s Bankruptcy?

It’s been almost a week since The Daily Beast published a howler of an interview with Linda McMahon, in which writer Lloyd Grove dutifully transcribed the Senate candidate’s Version 2.0 of how she and her husband Vince came to be bankrupt in the 1970s.

If ever there was a story crying out for aggressive follow-up by newspapers in Connecticut, this is one. Even though the 1976 bankruptcy filing itself might be untraceably buried, there are plenty of bankers and other defaulted creditors (to the reported tune of around a million bucks) who must still be around and can debunk McMahon’s ridiculous fusion of her family’s corporate manipulations with her irrelevant and diversionary tear-jerker tale of being barefoot and pregnant in Gaithersburg, Maryland, in 1970.

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