Cageside Seats: Dr. Maroon’s ImPACT Clearance of Randy Orton for Tomorrow’s WWE Pay-Per-View ‘Questionable at Best’

“Randy Orton has been medically cleared for WWE Capitol Punishment”

by David Bixenspan of Cageside Seats:


1 Response to “Cageside Seats: Dr. Maroon’s ImPACT Clearance of Randy Orton for Tomorrow’s WWE Pay-Per-View ‘Questionable at Best’”

  1. 1 Joe Bloggs June 18, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    I am sure he cleared Sunday when Maroon’s bosses in CT told him to clear him. One does not need Ritilan to pass ImPact just a corrupt interpretor. It is why Collins, Maroon and Lovell control the use of ImPact. They do not want any incovenient results interfering with a purchase order.

    It is clear why ImPact is the product of choice. You can always get the answer the buyer wants.

    The idea Orton was concussed then flew to the US, that is, no window of recovery and resolved is totally fishy. On other hand, Maroon et al. UPMC have been pulling this stunt with the NFL and NHL for years and no one questions it. Just look to Rogers and Rothlisberger, Joe knows who rights the checks and backed by the New York Times and SI he gets away with it. The problem is not professionals who are adults and should be able to see to their own care, it is the parents and children who have been sold a bogus bill of goods by a profiteering quack and his enabling associates.

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