Connecticut Department of Labor Attorney on WWE Audit

Me: “I am interested in determining whether the Associated Press report of a settlement between the Labor Department and World Wrestling Entertainment is dispositive. While it is understood that you do not disclose names of employers being audited, does a closed file permit you to confirm that one is not being audited?”

Heidi Lane, Connecticut Labor Department attorney: “DOL is still unable to confirm or deny the existence of an audit.  Further, if there were an audit, information obtained for that audit would be confidential, even at the closure or settlement of the audit.”

Me: “Please allow me to go around on this again to make sure I’m clear. If a case is closed, does DOL policy allow you to confirm it’s closed?”

Lane: “No we are not able to give any information at all.”

Hmm … Sounds like this might be another job for the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission.

Irv Muchnick

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