Most Popular January Posts at This Blog

1. “WWE Investigation Should Be on Track With New Connecticut Labor Commissioner,” January 25, 2011,

2. “Muchnick Book Bonus: In Bed With the WWF – Sex and Scandal in Pro Wrestling,” May 15, 2010,

3. “NFL Bans Coaches From Relationships With Supplement Companies. But NFL and WWE Doctor Joseph Maroon? Ka-Ching!”, January 20, 2011,

4. “New Threats From WWE Lawyer Jerry McDevitt,” December 17, 2010,

5. “Linda McMahon’s Role in the WWE Pedophile Scandal Still Hangs, Unpublished, in the Politicos’ Air,” July 14, 2010,

6. “Pitt Med Center Doctors’ Supplement Company and WWE Ties Skirt Ethics Policy,” January 4, 2011,

7. “Steelers’ Wheel: Pittsburgh Media Are Mum on the Connections of Pitt Med Center, Pittsburgh Steelers, and WWE Scandals,” January 7, 2011,

8. “In Case We Didn’t Already Know: Congressman Waxman’s 2009 Call to the White House Drug Policy Office to Investigate WWE Was a Charade,” Januay 18, 2011,

9.  “Linda McMahon 2012? Bring It On!”, January 19, 2011,

10. “Sports Concussion Scandal Ground Zero: NFL and WWE Doc Joseph Maroon’s Hype Article in ‘Neurosurgery’ on Riddell Football Helmets,” January 23, 2011,

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