Roundup of Coverage of Pittsburgh Steelers / NFL / WWE Doc Joseph Maroon’s Misstatements and Ethical Shortcuts on Concussion Research

On the eve of the National Football League conference championship game involving the Pittsburgh Steelers, here are links to all the posts here, dating back more than a year, on Dr. Joseph Maroon – the Steelers’ neurosurgeon, a leading NFL adviser on traumatic brain injury, and the medical director of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Maroon is most prominently in the news these days due to a Federal Trade Commission investigation of the promotional claims of Riddell, the official helmet supplier for the NFL. Riddell states that its latest helmet model, the Revolution, reduces concussions by 31 percent. The figure is derived from a 2006 article in the journal Neurosurgery. Two of the co-authors of the article are Maroon and Riddell’s chief engineer. The research underpinning the Neurosurgery article was conducted by a team including Maroon at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and funded by a grant from NFL Charities.

To The New York Times, which broke the story of Senator Tom Udall’s call for an FTC probe of Riddell, Maroon has distanced himself from the company’s exploitation of the Pittsburgh study.

I have emailed Maroon numerous times over a period of months on the variety of issues in the stories below. He has not responded.

Irv Muchnick


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Dr. Joseph Maroon’s Disturbing Pattern of Misstatements



Dear Senator Udall: Help Coordinate Concussion and Steroid Investigations



Steelers’ Wheel: Pittsburgh Media Are Mum on the Connections of Pitt Med Center, Pittsburgh Steelers, and WWE Scandals



More Questions About WWE Medical Director Joseph Maroon



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‘Joseph Maroon, Doctor for NFL and WWE, Has It Every Which Way on Concussions’ (full text from Beyond Chron)



NFL Bans Coaches From Relationships With Supplement Companies. But NFL and WWE Doctor Joseph Maroon? Ka-Ching!



NFL: Dr. Maroon’s Supplement Work OK Because He’s Not League or Club ‘Employee’



ESPN’s Peter Keating Was First to Expose NFL and WWE Concussion Doc Joseph Maroon’s Conflicts of Interest



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