‘Joseph Maroon, Doctor for NFL and WWE, Has It Every Which Way on Concussions’ … today at Beyond Chron

by Irvin Muchnick

With the Pittsburgh Steelers about to open their playoff schedule Saturday in quest of a franchise record-extending seventh Super Bowl title, one of their long-time team physicians, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center neurosurgeon Joseph Maroon, is under heightened scrutiny for his role in the National Football League’s increasingly visible concussion issue. It’s a role best described as some undetermined compound of “part of the problem” and “part of the solution.”

Last week Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico called for a Federal Trade Commission probe of Riddell helmets, an official NFL supplier, for the company’s consumer-product claim of a new design promising to decrease concussions by 31 percent. That number was based on a research paper co-authored by Dr. Maroon and commissioned by Riddell. Maroon told the New York Times that Riddell advertising overreached from a limited sample of his results, which require further testing.

CONTINUED TODAY ON THE FRONT PAGE AT BEYOND CHRON, THE SAN FRANCISCO ONLINE NEWSPAPER, http://www.beyondchron.org/articles/Joseph_Maroon_Doctor_for_NFL_and_WWE_Has_It_Every_Which_Way_on_Concussions_8803.html.


1 Response to “‘Joseph Maroon, Doctor for NFL and WWE, Has It Every Which Way on Concussions’ … today at Beyond Chron”

  1. 1 joe bloggs January 11, 2011 at 7:26 pm


    You should look into the the NFL selection of the ImPact concussion management system. How ImPact was validated? How the neuropyschologists were hand selected by Mark Lovell and Mickey Collins – Maroon’s partner in ImPact?

    Schools use it because the NFL uses it. Do you think schools wound use it, if they knew that its selection was fixed and the so-called experts who interpret it also sell their services to schools based on the NFL affliation.

    Ever wonder how glassy eyed players like Rothlisberger clear in a single day of a concussion. You have only touched the edge of the story.

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