Preview of Twitter Coverage of Tonight’s Richard Blumenthal / Linda McMahon Senate Campaign Debate

The first Senate campaign debate between Richard Blumental and Linda McMahon will begin at Hartford’s Bushnell Center this evening at 7 p.m. Eastern time. The event airs live on Fox Connecticut (Channel 61) and streams live at both and

My brilliant instant analysis will feed on Twitter, where I am @irvmuch. I may be a minute or two late to the party because I have to drive my daughter to her swimming team’s practice out here in California.

In the pre-debate head game, Democratic operatives, no doubt coordinating with Blumenthal, have circulated the story at that McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment, in 2003, partnered with with “Girls Gone Wild” for a pay-per-view event. McMahon, meanwhile, has introduced a new television commercial rolling the dice that Blumenthal’s misstatements about his record of serving stateside in the Marine Reserves during the Vietnam War — not “in” Vietnam, as The New York Times has tried and failed to turn into the campaign’s biggest issue — will be a decisive “October surprise.”

Good luck to both sides with that crap.

The best advice I’ve read came from Merrick Alpert, whom Blumenthal defeated for the Democratic nomination. Alpert told Hartford Courant columnist Rick Green, “I would raise my arms and look at her: ‘Mrs. McMahon, have you googled the word dead wrestlers lately?'” See “WWMD: Merrick Alpert’s Ringside Advice for Blumenthal,”

Irv Muchnick


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