How About ‘Corporate Success Story Or Death Merchant’?

In its wisdom, Connecticut Capitol Report chooses as its react link to the New York Times Linda McMahon story a blog at the Christian Science Monitor website by one Matthew Kahn, an economics professor at UCLA. Let’s not let too much actual knowledge get in the way of our thumb-sucking here. Capitol Report’s link is headlined “McMahon ‘villain’ or ‘corporate success story’?” Kahn’s blog, part of his “Green Economics” series, is headlined “The cold economics of professional wrestling.” See

Herr Professor Kahn (who, by the way, seems at best semi-literate) is advertised by the Monitor as part of its “diverse group of the best economy-related bloggers out there.”

Kahn says the hazards faced by pro wrestlers are all about choice, and isn’t that interesting?

In fairness to Kahn, he was working from the Times article, which performed the superhuman feat of featuring 2,300 words about Linda McMahon without once uttering either “Chris Benoit” or “death.”

Or does not even a cluster of avoidable industrial deaths qualify as a public health game-changer in bread-and-circuses America?

Irv Muchnick


1 Response to “How About ‘Corporate Success Story Or Death Merchant’?”

  1. 1 Keith Harris July 18, 2010 at 7:41 am

    “So, what did Hulk do right?”

    The obvious punchline to this ignorant query: steroids and lots of them. If Kahn realized how pervasive drug abuse was within professional wrestling over the last three decades, then he might have had something interesting to say on the matter from an economic perspective. But he doesn’t, so he swung and missed by a wide margin.

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