Connecticut Post Editorial Fingers Weicker’s WWE Ties

An editorial in today’s Connecticut Post emphasizes much the same point I made in a post here last week about the Lowell Weicker appearance yesterday on Face the State. The Post goes after the former senator and governor’s disparaging remarks about Richard Blumenthal. I focused on Weicker’s defense of Linda McMahon. The newspaper and I converge on the idea that Weicker, a member of board of directors of World Wrestling Entertainment, is a less than disinterested commentator.

“If Weicker didn’t have such close ties to McMahon, it’d be fine for him, as a former politician, to say whatever he wanted about the current race,” says the Post in “Weicker, on WWE board, blasts McMahon,” “If he were just a run-of-the-mill WWE board member, we’d take his comments for what they were and discard them. But Weicker’s history coupled with his close ties to McMahon make it inappropriate for him to publicly thrash Blumenthal.”

My June 30 post, “WWE Board Member Lowell Weicker Spins for Linda McMahon,” is at

Irv Muchnick

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