Linda McMahon’s Body Count – Dead People – Remains a Taboo Subject

Now The Wall Street Journal has joined the conversation of whether World Wrestling Entertainment’s “image” is a factor in its co-founder and former CEO Linda McMahon’s Senate race in Connecticut.

See “Pro Wrestling’s Image Looms Over Senate Race,”

Where the elite meet to eat, the dialogue has progressed from  wrestling’s raunchiness to wrestling’s steroids. But it has yet to go where it belongs: to wrestling’s deaths. The Journal mentioned only one, Chris Benoit’s 2007 double murder/suicide. And that was mostly to create an opening to discuss the investigation of Congressman Henry Waxman, who breaks his 18 months of silence to provide a quote.

The Journal quoted WWE flack Robert Zimmerman’s rejoinder that Waxman  is a “political blowhard.” But the newspaper didn’t get into why Waxman never pulled the trigger on public hearings or, for that matter, how Linda and Vince McMahon finessed a mid-nineties federal criminal investigation.

Still, the McMahon campaign and “image” have taken a black eye. I hear The New York Times is about to tackle the McMahon mystique, too. (No, I haven’’t spoken to anyone there.)

Irv Muchnick


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