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Forget Linda McMahon’s Daughter’s Bare Nipple – Take a Look at Her Sleazoid Son-in-Law’s ‘Nutritionist’

With a salaciousness that only this Connecticut Senate race can offer, David Collins of New London’s The Day writes today, “… Democrats have not yet rolled out the ads that surely will depict [Linda] McMahon presiding over an entertainment product juiced up with violence, prostitution, adultery and other topics not so conducive to a family values campaign. Some of it, like a picture of McMahon’s daughter in the World Wrestling Entertainment ring with a bare nipple showing, can’t even be used in opposition advertisements.” See

As a public service, the ever-helpful Connecticut Capitol Report ( runs the photo of Stephanie McMahon Levesque’s enhanced mammaries. But believe me, viral emails of a bare boob are comparatively tame stuff.

My friend Anthony Roberts, “the CNN of steroids,” reports that a customer of the supplement company owned by Dave Palumbo, the “nutritionist” for Stephanie’s husband Paul “Triple H” Levesque, this week filed a civil lawsuit in New York against Palumbo and his Species Nutrition line. The plaintiff, Maria Bezrodnaya, alleges that the products “Lipolyze” and “Somalyze” caused her to sustain near-fatal liver injuries.

Dave Palumbo was already well known as one of the dirtiest of the many dirty characters who have pushed supplements through articles in publications like Muscular Development magazine. At one point he was imprisoned for selling fake Human Growth Hormone – all the while giving it his unabashed endorsement, claiming his own freakish physique was a result of a product that, in fact, was simply sugar water (and unsterilized sugar water at that). After his release from prison, Palumbo became Triple H’s personal trainer.

“Palumbo is known as a steroid guru more than anything else,” Anthony Roberts tells me. “In the bodybuilding world, the terms ‘nutritionist’ and ‘steroid advisor’ are synonymous. Dave’s ‘contest prep’ services include designing steroid cycles.”

Roberts says the new lawsuit against Palumbo exposes “that what he is telling the public in the promotion of his products is in direct contradiction to what has been documented by medical experts.”

Roberts’ blog post, “Personal injury lawsuit filed against Species Nutrition – and more!”, is at

As I’ve reported previously on this blog, the consulting cardiologist for WWE’s so-called Wellness Policy – Dr. Bryan Donohue of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – is also a founder of an unregulated supplement company, and sometimes hypes his product without even disclosing his equity interest. Meanwhile, wrestler Eddie “Umaga” Fatu died last December, six months after leaving WWE, and the autopsy showed that he had an enlarged heart.

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