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WWE Sex Harassment Exec Appears to Have Been Terminated

A second knowledgeable source tells me that World Wrestling Entertainment’s chief in-house lawyer, executive vice president and general counsel Jared F. Bartie, has been fired. In the previous post, I said that Bartie, who was No. 5 in the corporation’s administrative hierarchy, had been suspended for a sexual-harassment episode during WrestleMania week in Arizona in late March.

Bartie no longer can be found on the Executive Officers page of the corporate website ( Though the October 7, 2008, announcement of Bartie’s appointment is still among the news releases at the website, a click on the search result for his bio jumps to the Bartie-free Executive Officers page instead.

Tomorrow I’ll again ask WWE communications head Robert Zimmerman to clarify Bartie’s status. I’ll also ask the Linda McMahon campaign for comment.

Irv Muchnick

Source: WWE’s General Counsel Suspended for Sexual Harassment

According to a World Wrestling Entertainment source, the executive vice president and general counsel of Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon’s “former” company was suspended for sexual harassment for an incident at WrestleMania in Arizona in late March.

My source said that Jared Bartie, who was described as having been drinking, hit inappropriately on a female accuser who was an executive in the WWE sales department. I do not know the length of Bartie’s suspension, or when it was to have begun or ended.

The woman herself got fired a few weeks later, in late April, after being seen performing a sex act on yet another subordinate male employee, on the work premises during business hours, according to the same source.

WWE spokesman Robert Zimmerman did not respond to an emailed request for comment.

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