Hartford Courant’s Rick Green Pushes Muchnick Challenge to Linda McMahon

Rick Green, a columnist for the Hartford Courant, is one of the Connecticut journalists who gets it. What else am I supposed to say about someone who just blogged for the fifth time in 37 days about how my book CHRIS & NANCY: The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide and Pro Wrestling’s Cocktail of Death is inconveniently shadowing the Senate campaign of Linda McMahon?

I will even forgive Green for continuing to call me “the Desperate Sportswriter from California.” As D.W. said in one of the Arthur books, “I’m not little and I’m not lost!”

In “Muchnick Invites Linda McMahon for a COCKTAIL OF DEATH,” http://blogs.courant.com/rick_green/2010/02/muchnick-invites-linda-mcmahon.html. Green reproduces the front and back of the postcard I just snail-mailed to McMahon’s Greenwich home, asking her — and her husband Vince and family members, and her World Wrestling Entertainment board of directors, and her campaign contributors and vendors — to join me at my March 25 book reading at Borders in Stamford, the home city of WWE.

I don’t think Linda will mind. After all, as she said on Face the State a couple of weeks ago, “I’ve worked and been in a business that is very testosterone-loaded.”

Irv Muchnick


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