Linda McMahon Campaign and WWE Play Shell Game With Media Inquiry

Here’s a story about the Linda McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment media relations offices that we can safely expect will not come up in McMahon’s interview on The View.

A source at The Sun, the British newspaper, tells me that it had asked Ed Patru, the spokesman for McMahon’s Senate campaign, for comment on its just-published interview with wrestling manager-promoter Jim Cornette. The impeccable rationale was that McMahon was CEO of WWE for the whole period covered by Cornette’s criticisms concerning such topics as the pushing of bodybuilder types and the introduction of a wellness policy for PR cover.

Patru replied that, since the references seemed to be entirely to WWE, he encouraged the journalist to seek comment from the company.

The subsequent email to WWE and follow-up by a senior editor were ignored. At the same time, a WWE flack wass corresponding with the paper on another, non-controversial matter: providing a photo of wrestler John Cena.

Alphonse, meet Gaston.

Irv Muchnick


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